About YT Solution

Welcome to YT Solution – A blog for web developers and bloggers.

YTSolution is mainly focus on web development tutorials, blogging, and WordPress guide. Aim of this blog is to provide simple web development tutorials and web development scripts so that even newbie web developer can understand them easily.

About Author

My name is Saikat Ghosh, I live in Kolkata, India. I’m web developer and blogger, and I’m the founder of YTSolution. Web development is my passion and I love to write code, not only this but I also like to share my knowledge with others because I believe that your knowledge will be double if you share and discuss with others. 😛

In 2011 I started using internet and I found BlogSpot, I started blogging at BlogSpot, at that time I was pursuing my graduation so I actually don’t have idea about blogging but then I started to learn more about Internet, Websites, SEO, Blogging and Web Development.